Microsoft Project Server and EPPM Roles

For a corporate EPPM rollout, we recommend the creation and delivery of custom training content for the implementation of Project Server. Our training strategy involves a needs and skills analysis by role followed by the development of custom content and delivery that supports the change management activities and facilitates successful roll-out of the proposed system across the organization. Learn more about EPPM and the roles that are involved in deploying the Microsoft tools.  
To perform the needs and skills analysis, the target audience is identified by role (e.g. project managers, program managers, etc.) and the tasks for each role are then outlined with learning outcomes to determine the topics that must be taught. Any role that is impacted by the implementation of the new system will be identified and mapped to the specific job skills needed. Upon completion of this analysis, the mapping of the requirements to our existing library of courses is performed to facilitate the customization of the existing training content by role. Our development approach to customize the training content involves adapting our standard content to the specific Project Server configuration and functionality required for each role. We also embed any processes and methodologies unique to the client organization. Training content will be developed so that each exercise simulates production data related to various training scenarios and cases developed for instructional purposes.
The following table represents the recommended courses by role within the organization or role an individual is fulfilling in the context of the EPPM implementation.