Express is our cloud “off the shelf” configuration offering for Microsoft Project Server Online. Express was designed to easily allow your organization to manage projects more seamlessly.

Avalon Training Group offers Instructor led remote training classes to all Express customers. This is how our online training portal works: students login to a training portal where the instructor will share his/her desktop; students can raise their hand to ask questions and post questions to a comment area; a materials page is available for the students to download handouts and practice exercises; the instructor will post quizzes to assess the understanding and retention of the material.

Please utilize your Express voucher number when signing up for training.  Call or email us for more information on booking any of the courses below. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1-866-727-4648

Course Title

Course Description

Creating New Projects
(2 hrs)

Audience: Project Managers
Course Code: E-101

 In this course, Project Managers or any Project Online user that will be submitting, reviewing or approving new project requests will learn how to use the new project Intake App for managing project requests.  This course will also teach Project Online users how to take an approved project to the next level by completing additional project information, uploading project documents to the project site and building a basic project schedule. 

View Existing Projects & Submitting Project Requests

  • Viewing approved projects in the Project Center
  • Sorting, filtering, and grouping projects

  • View new project requests from the Intake App

  • Submitting a new project request

  • Approving a project request

Managing an Approved Project 

  • Completing additional project details

  • Navigating the Project Site and uploading documents

  • Using the Business Plan template

  • Creating a basic project schedule

    • Indenting tasks

    • Estimating work and duration

    • Using Manual mode and set dates

    • Using Auto mode and set dependencies

    • Adding a milestone

  • Saving and publishing the Project

  • Checking in a Project

Staffing Projects &
Submitting Task Updates
(2 hrs) 

Audience: Project Managers
Course Code: E-102
Pre-requisite: E-101


In this course, Project Managers or any Project Online user that will be staffing project schedules using Project Online, will learn how to add resources to their project team and assign resources to project tasks and publish the assignments and then view the assignments on the My Work view.  This course will also teach users how to submit assignment updates back to the project plan so the updates can be reviewed, accepted and saved so the schedule is updated with actual progress on work completed.

Building a Project Team and Assigning Tasks

  • View Enterprise Resources in the Resource Center

  • Adding Enterprise Resources to a project

  • Assigning Resources and viewing assignment details

  • Adjusting assignment hours

  • Publishing Resource Assignments

Viewing Tasks Assignments & Submitting Updates 

  • Viewing project task assignments

  • Customizing the My Work view

  • Entering actual hours worked

  • Estimating remaining hours to complete

  • Adding a note to an assignment

  • Adding a new task or assignment

  • Send Status updates 

Approving Updates & Re-Publishing the Schedule

  • Reviewing Updates in the Approval Center

  • Preview the impact of updates on the schedule

  • Approve task updates

  • Open the project schedule and re-publish 

Project Online Timesheets
(1.5 hrs)

Audience: Team Members, Project Managers
Course Code: E-101 & E-102


In this course any Project Online user that will be responsible for submitting a timesheet will learn how to open and add project tasks and non-project tasks to the timesheet so actual hours can be submitted against the relevant work items that were completed that week.  This course will also teach users how to import timesheet hours back to the My Work view so task updates can be submitted to a project for status updates. For users that are managing projects, this course will also review to accept the task updates into the schedule.

Using The Online Timesheets

  • Opening a Timesheet
  • Adjusting the timesheet view

  • Adding administrative tasks

  • Adding project tasks to a timesheet

  • Add a non project line item

  • Entering actual hours

  • Turn in Final timesheet

Importing Timesheet Hours To Project Tasks

  • Importing timesheet hours to tasks
  • Submitting timesheet hours

Approval Of Task Updates (review for PMs only)

  • Reviewing Updates in the Approval Center
  • Preview the impact of updates on the schedule

  • Approve task updates

  • Open the project schedule and re-publish

Managing Project Artifacts
& Status Report
(2 hrs)

Audience: Project Managers
Course Code: E-101


In this course any Project Online users will learn how to manage a document library, maintain project artifacts within the project sites including risks, issues, change requests and decisions.  Users will also learn how to create and save status reports that include status indicators and relevant project data from the project schedule and project site. This course will also teach users how to run standard reports using the PORT 365 app and export the reports to a PDF or Excel format.   

Working In The Project Site

  • Creating document sub-folders
  • Uploading documents

  • Entering new Issues

  • Identifying and managing Risks

  • Managing Change Requests

  • Managing Project Decisions

Submitting a Project Status Report

  • Creating a new status report

  • Update project information and refresh the report

  • Setting Status Indicators

  • Importing relevant project data

  • Saving and submitting the report

  • Exporting a Status Report to a PDF file

Running Reports Using PORT 365

  • Running reports

  • Changing report parameters

  • Exporting a report to PDF or Excel

Creating Detailed Schedules
Project Professional
(2 hrs)

Audience: Project Managers (pre-requisite E-
Course Code: E-101 & E-102


In this course Project Managers will learn how to open a project schedule in MS Project Pro to create a detailed schedule with task dependencies, milestones, deadlines and deliverables flagged so they will appear in the project site. Project Managers will learn how to use MS Project Professional to staff the project and assign specific tasks to resources with work based estimates to properly analyze resource workloads. This course will also cover how to update a schedule using MS Project Professional and review the impact of updates that were submitted to the schedule from Team Members using Project Online and timesheets along with the best practices of managing those updates.

Creating a Detailed Project Schedule

  • Opening Enterprise Projects
  • Changing Project Information

  • Setting Task Dependencies

  • When to use Constraints and Deadlines

  • Marking Deliverables to appear in the Project Site

  • Setting a Project Baseline

  • Adding Enterprise Resources to a Team

  • Assigning Resources and Viewing Assignment data

  • Publishing Resource Assignments

  • Saving and Publishing a Project

Tracking Progress in Project Professional

  • Understanding the Update Types
  • The Impact of Updates on the Schedule

  • Viewing Progress on Assignments

  • Replacing Resource Assignments

  • Comparing Schedule Changes to Baseline

  • Inactivating Tasks

  • Closing out Task Assignments

  • Sharing an Enterprise Project File