With our experience in implementing Project Server, we've created some great dashboard reporting templates that can be purchased or learn to build on your own in our Business Intelligence Reporting classes. These reports and dashboards cover all aspects of status reporting on a portfolio of projects to get the information to the project stakeholder quickly and in a visually appealing way. The following is a representation of a portfolio dashboard that is easily created using the 'out of the box' project server reporting tools and do not involve any coding. This dashboard is adaptable to 2010 and 2013 on-premise version. You can learn how to create these dashboards in our BI Reporting series of classes. 

This Portfolio Dashboard was created in Excel using reporting data from the Project Server database. This is an interactive dashboard that allows you to select the Project Type using a slicer to filter the projects of interest.  This dashboard links to the individual project sites for more detailed project status and can be filtered by project portfolio (e.g. Finance, HR, etc).

Portfolio Dashboard 

This Resource Demand Analysis dashboard was created in Excel using reporting data from the Project Server database. This dashboard incorporates a Timeline filter at the top allowing users to click on the month(s), quarter or year to analyze the demand and availability.

Demand Analysis

Milestone/Deliverable Dashboard - This dashboard pulls a list of milestones coming due from the project server reporting database and summarizes deliverables and risks by category from the Portfolio Analyzer cube in the OLAP database. This report is interactive with a slicer that allows the user to select the project or program of interest.

Milestone Deliverable Report
Milestone Deliverable Report