Project Server Support

      Think "continuous education" rather than "one-time training events"

Avalon Training Group offers ongoing support to assist clients with issues and problems that arise during the ordinary course of managing an EPPM deployment. The purpose of this service is to provide you with advice, guidance, problem solving, recommendations, and answers to questions as they relate to Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server. We can offer this in a cost effective way through remote mentoring and coaching especially for Administrators who are supporting Project Server. 

What are typical Project Server administration support activities?

The most helpful service an EPPM firm can provide for you is one that helps you develop the EPPM expertise you need to completely own your system. It can take months for a person to develop the skills required to be a knowledgeable and efficient EPPM Administrator. This time can be dramatically reduced with the right training and coaching program in place. One-on-one mentoring can be the best approach to mature these critical people involved in an EPPM deployment. 

  • This mentoring service is provided during regular business hours Monday through Friday
  • Support time is arranged in advance with support topics outlined in an email
  • There is a minimum of one hour charged per session
  • All sessions are charged based on actual support hours dedicated to the customer
  • This is a pre-paid service purchased in blocks of hours with the minimum block of 5 hours

Project Management Office (PMO). You may not have a PMO, or refer to this management function as a PMO, but the management group driving your EPPM deployment has specific business objectives it would like to meet. Regularly scheduled remote coaching can help you improve the way your people work with the technology to provide you with the business value you want.

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